Valerie Feinberg Schweitzer


I am influenced by everything from The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan albums my sister played for us in high school, to the Venetian Renaissance paintings of Gentile Bellini, to Bonnard and Vuillard, to the philosophy of Hegel, Nietzsche and Jung, to the political plight of the Jewish people whose triumphant survival after ceaseless persecution, is a sheer miracle.

Mostly I am inspired by the Jewish concept that everything, even the most banal objects, contain a divine spark hidden within them. And it is our human work to try to draw that out.

I am equally fascinated by the idea of creating a sense of freedom, a kind of "space beyond", within the limits of the pictorial plane.

Though my process is primarily intuitive the paintings have their own inherent logic. There is a constant play of rational order juxtaposed with more chaotic elements.